What Are The Monetization Models in Musixen?

Earn By


Public Live Performances

Get gifts from your viewers during your livestreams

Ticketed Live Events

Set a price of your livestreams in diamonds and also get gifts from viewers

Earn By

Influencer Marketing

Be the face of campaigns for our brand partnerships

Steps To Start First Livestream

  • Open the app and select “Artist Profile”
  • Go to Profile Settings
  • Enter profile information and price of special request in diamond, select a profile photo
  • Save your profile.
  • Select Artist Profile
  • Click “Schedule New Live Stream”
  • Set a photo for the event and enter your event details. You will see your scheduled stream in your list.
  • Click “Start Now”, select a livestream method “Mobile or OBS”, preview your livestream then click “Go Live”
  • Click X to end your livestream
    Set Price
  • Select Artist Profile,
  • Go to Profile Settings,
  • Set a price in diamond for special requests,
  • Click “Done” and “Save”
  •   Prepare and Send Request
  • You receive a notification for A Special Request
  • Go to your Artist Profile,
  • Select and view details of “Special Video Requests”,
  • Click “Accept and Upload New Media”
  • Prepare the video as requested and send to user.

How Can I Make More Money in Livestreams?

  • Engage with your fans, viewers and followers. Share your performances in your social media
  • Always keep your interactivity level high with your viewers and followers in your livestreams
  • Be active in chat, read messages and talk to viewers in their names
  • Do not hestitate to ask for gifts from viewers. Remember they are ready to do that! Always show your gratitude for your earnings
  • In order to have a better sound quality in your livestreams we advise iRig device or sth equilavent and microphone.
  • Use high speed, preferably a local network (min upload speed 2mbps)
  • Organize your space
  • Provide a good camera shooting position that can fully record your face
  • Provide a good sound and light conditions (avoid shadows on your face and eliminate factors that can badly effect sound quality)
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption (if consumed in a different container rather than original) is allowed as long as they do not appear in livestream.
  • Broadcast permission is permanently cancelled and the user profile is deleted if the streamer makes a sexually explicit livestream, encourages using drugs, promotes violence, praise terrorist organizations, insulting political statemement.
  • Livestreams are being followed by a moderator team. It is recommended not using slangs, anything related with sexual exhibitionism, insult and slander. If reported livestream will be terminated.
  • Due to Musixen’s fraud policy, any kind of illegal transactions are followed and if detected livestream permission will be suspended for 1 month.
  • If the livestream is made from a stage or another public space other people rather than the artist. can only be shown at max 5 minutes.
  • In order to always keep the livestream quality high, livestreams will be terminated unless the face of artist is fully recorded by camera, in case of poor sound&bad light conditions and upload speed lower th7n 2mbps.
  • Artist can take a break in livestream for max 5 mins. If it exceeds that time it is recommended to end the livestream and start a new one after the break ends. During the break the stream camera should not be turned off.
  • If there is more than one livestream made from a venue, the one with low viewer is terminated.
  • There is no age restriction for child broadcasters.
  • Under any circumstances broadcasters can not use imitate other users names.
  • There is no limit in time spent for chatting with viewers in livestreams.